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My name is Denys, I'm a company founder, data analyst, and musician. Not a website designer, as you can guess. 

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about me

I'm a co-founder of OSNOVA GmbH, a digital product company. We make data solutions, apps, sites, and support on all of the stages of the life cycle. It starts with ideation through software development and analytics to a market rollout, when we also help the customer build the permanent team. As a Ukrainian myself, I support Ukrainian people and companies. So we built a partner network with software companies and digital agencies from Ukraine that help us deliver the projects.

I'm also a founder of EnterpriseAI Consulting, a data science consultancy focused on process mining and data organization. We run analytics projects, do requirements engineering, implementation, value realization, and consult on building data teams from scratch (for Olympus Corporation, Zurich Insurance, University of Bundeswehr, Headfound, Haufe Akademie, and many more).

Since 2016, I've been a part of the artificial intelligence and chatbot community, starting a meetup group Technology Messenger. We ran over 30 events (meetups, workshops, hackathons, and conferences) with speakers from Microsoft, IBM, Google, TUM, Intel, SAP, as well as startups such as, Luminovo, NearGroup, Swelly.

Music is my great passion, I play guitar, write and produce songs, and sing. Currently, there is nothing available online, but I hope to change that soon 😊

Besides music, I enjoy meditation, calisthenics, boxing, geek out on computer science, the nature of consciousness and intelligence, the life of our universe. Happy to talk about anthropology, history, psychology, sexuality, linguistics, math, and philosophy.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Spambots on Wix websites are horrible, so please connect via LinkedIn. If I leave my e-mail or phone number here, I'll never see your message.

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