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  • Denys Holovatyi

Oracle AI: an expert on artificial intelligence

Aktualisiert: 1. Juli 2023

So you want to know more about AI but are afraid to ask. And no wonder, people are sometimes judgmental and intimidating. Luckily, AI itself is not (at least not yet). So I made this "Oracle AI" conversation with ChatGPT (with two neat plugins, ScholarAI and PaperChat, which collect data from the papers on arXiv, PubMed, Springer etc). We discussed several important topics: * the most impressive achievements * prominent researchers * importance of AI * current trends * issues such as job loss and data security

From the answers, you can see how holistic and considerate ChatGPT is, unlike some humans. I also used the new feature to share the conversation, so you can simply read what I asked ChatGPT, but also continue the conversation from where I left off if you have GPT-4 access. Frankly, if you don't, go get it. You can access the greatest technological achievement of humanity for 20 bucks a month. It's just ridiculous how cheap it is. And the number of use cases it's pretty much limitless. Anyway, here is the link. And if you want to talk about more serious use cases for ChatGPT and generative AI in your company, send me a message on LinkedIn.

P.S. Obviously, the image is AI-generated. What do you think I am, a painter?

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Hello, world

This is the first blog post. Next I will publish about some interesting use cases of ChatGPT, their use for businesses, exploration of future trends, the impact of AI on the economy and society. Stay


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